Welcome to Yeehaw Up!

Yeehaw Up, is a restart, redesign and consolidation of multiple sources focussed to one small corner of the Internet. Have a look on this great websites to promote your business.You can view this site will focus on technology, business startups and engineering,

So why the restart?  Currently, the world is still in an economic downturn and there are many who are feeling a bit hopeless.  Our intention is to write and cover technology, ideas and concepts that will either inspire or help motivate others to start, develop or operate their startup more efficiently.  We also want to instill hope, we believe that through ingenuity and innovation we can create a better future.

Why the rebrand?  Yeehaw Up has two meanings; first, Yee and Haw was used to steer when plowing to move either left or right, up implies a upward centered direction, second for the definition of celebration Yeehaw and Up for dusting ourselves off and pulling ourselves upward, Yeehaw Up!!!

We hope to see you at our site and we hope you find our content useful and please feel free to let us know how we are doing.

Thank you and see you soon!

Scott Yee

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